Mobile Madness in the Masai Mara

When a lion’s roar is disturbed by the ring of a mobile phone, it’s a sure sign that global communications have no hiding place. The Masai Mara is a game reserve in Kenya with vistas unchanged for thousands if not millions of years. Apart, that is, for the mobile phone masts on the summit of every hill. It means there is no escape from the phone and the internet. But do I really want to escape it? On a visit to a Masai village where the locals live off the land and live in huts built from cow dung, I could read the morning’s headlines from the Times on my mobile phone. Mobile technology brings the world a little closer to people who are a world away from the lives we live in the prosperous West. And the image of the most famous boy-made-good of Kenyan descent on the backs of Masai women says it all. The caption, if you can’t quite make it out, reads, “Congratulations Barak Obama”.



2 Responses to “Mobile Madness in the Masai Mara”

  1. 1 Paul Faber
    September 24, 2009 at 12:22 pm

    Dear Nick,
    Congratulations to you for the photograph! I am preparing a modest exhibition on commemorative cloth in Africa. they are produced in most African countries for over the last 50 years or so. As a sideproduct I am searching for photographs of people wearing them. Your photograph is really nice. I purchased two Obama-cloths already. Would it be possible to use your photograph? No final decisions yet, but checking out the possibilities. Hope to hear from you.
    Paul Faber

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